"My 8 year old son and I recently started training at the RFLX Center in Lafayette and are thrilled to be here. All of the coaches, particularly Coach Ryan Walden, offer safe, detail oriented instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, conditioning, wrestling, and Muay Thai kickboxing. The environment is warm, positive, and nurturing. Although I am extremely overweight and in my 40′s, I’m learning new skills, losing weight, and most importantly, not getting hurt in the process. I’ve done martial arts and combat sports before, but I thought my training days were behind me. RFLX’s intelligent, methodical, and safety-first approach has inspired me to pick it up again. My son, in particular, leaves every class with an endorphin high and a smile on his face. In only three weeks, he has lost weight and made noticeable gains in strength and agility. The training and positive reinforcement has given him a huge boost in confidence and self-esteem. RFLX’s rates are more than reasonable. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the facility is clean and spacious, and the environment couldn’t be any more positive. I can’t say enough about the RFLX Center. They’re the best thing that’s happened to Lafayette in years."

"RFLX has something that many MMA gyms lack these days: Respect. RFLX offers a safe, respectful, relaxed and supportive environment for students and staff that encourages optimal personal growth. I can’t stress enough how important it is to train in a gym that focuses on the growth of their students in a safe environment. RFLX does a fantastic job. Rather than teaching a random “BJJ move of the day” that lacks in context and causes injury, the instructors spend a lot of time making sure their students are “getting it” and each class builds upon the last, allowing the student to understand their body and the motion. Not only are the BJJ and Muay Thai instructors top notch, but RFLX teaches the mindset of harmony, peace and prosperity to be used in everyday life. I’ve trained at many gyms, and I can honestly say this gym is one of my favorites. I’m very content with my decision to train here. I love the people here :)"

As a former professional lacrosse player who retired from my sport a few years ago, I was searching for a new athletic endeavor that could challenge me. Through a close friend, I was introduced to Ryan Walden at RFLX Training Center and I started going to my first month of jiu-jitsu classes. I immediately fell in love with the practice! First off, Ryan is an awesome coach who creates a safe and instructive atmosphere. Everyone under Ryan is extremely respectful and encouraging to their instructor and their fellow classmates. It is a great community of people for these reasons. Secondly, the practice of jiu-jitsu is incredibly inspiring. I wish that I had found it long ago as an athlete as I feel myself getting stronger, quicker, more flexible and in better overall shape than ever at the age of 33. It is also a mentally challenging practice that has increased my focus, motivation, discipline and connection with others. If you are looking for a practice that will help you develop as a person on all levels, then jiu-jitsu is the way to go. On top of that, there is no better place to learn than RFLX Training Center.

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"John Clarke and his team presented an extremely comprehensive and applicable safety seminar to our students this Fall. RFLX Training’s Safety Matrix and hands-on skills-training provided our students with the knowledge of how to avoid, identify, deescalate, and protect themselves in possible compromising situations. John’s ability to connect personal safety and the dignity of the human person was exactly the connection our students needed to hear. We were so impressed with the presentation style and ability that RFLXTraining has in connecting this critical life-skill with our God-given responsibility to protect the dignity of our lives and the lives of others. We look forward to having them return next year!"


"Combat Wrestling is the best ground fighting system I’ve found because it incorporates stand-up fighting and Haganah combat/street fighting skills into its curriculum. This hybrid system of Greco/Folkstyle/Freestyle wrestling uses only the best of the best techniques and skills. Combat Wrestling provides the skills and situational training for success – building success on the mat, in the cage, or on the street. Especially helpful to those (students) who are not a wrestler by nature or by experience. John Clarke is an awesome coach, a master instructor, and his level of professionalism and genuine passion for his program is evident in his presentation. I chose Combat Wrestling to offer my community because the skills are real, practical, user friendly, and bottom line they work! Not to mention, John is an awesome guy, a terrific family man, and stand-up individual."

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"Training with John Clark has been one of the high points in my martial art development. His method of teaching is masterful. He communicates and demonstrates very effectively and efficiently. He is always prepared and knows how to use time effectively. His Combat Wrestling program really supercharged my transitions from standing to ground. John’s Combat Wrestling system truly is “the missing link”! Thanks John!!!!!"


"As fitness professionals for over a decade and martial artists for more than fifteen years, we have come across several systems that have tried to capture an audience with false information and promises.  We have partnered up with RFLX Training because of John Clarke’s ability to teach important skills to both novice and advanced people without sacrificing technique.  John’s passion for teaching and training, his energy while presenting, his accessibility to students both during and post- seminars, makes all practitioners of the RFLX system better and safer as a result of their time with John.  If you are looking to fill the void in your martial arts program, looking to make people safer in a close quarter combat situation, want the important people in your life to be safer and more confident on the street, the RFLX System is an absolute must to add to your program.  One seminar with John and you will be more than just a believer, you will be a practitioner with skills you can use Day 1."

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"I wanted to write a testimony from my experience with the Combat Wrestling system. I have been employed in the law enforcement field for over a decade. During my tenure with both local and Federal agencies, department conventional training methods have always lacked a crucial component, wrestling. I have had the privilege of attending your Combat Wrestling Instructors certification in April 2010. The system you have founded is nothing short of fantastic and high speed. The instruction I received from you was professional, informative and first class. The system’s curriculum material fills all the voids in traditional law enforcement tactics and self defense methodologies. Going to the ground during a violent confrontation with an offender is a officers worst nightmare but a serious reality. The Combat Wrestling system will prepare all types of operators for a conflict on the ground utilizing a variety of superior tactics. The Combat Wrestling system is a valuable resource for all law enforcement personnel, active military or civilians. I strongly recommend this training system to everyone that is serious about self defense, competition or enhancing department training. I have personally adopted the Combat Wrestling system as a staple in my own training, in my school (Hudson Valley HaganaH) and in my...read more

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"As a combatives instructor for a major federal law enforcement agency, as well as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, I have been exposed to numerous training systems designed for police officers, soldiers, and Marines. Of all of these, only one, RFLX Takedown Defense adequately addresses the threat of both untrained tackles and trained takedowns by assailants on the street or in the battlespace. This top-notch training fills a critical gap in modern combatives programs with a systematic, proven set of skills that are easily learned and retained."